How to Hide a Camera in your Car: The Complete Guide 2022

We will share most effective method to hide a camera in your car. We mentioned every step in next slides.

Buying a small camera is the first step. Make sure it is small enough to fit in car without being too noticeable.

Buy Small Camera

Camera hiding location also plays important role. Headrest, Behind the mirror, Under the Dashboard are some of the hiding location examples.

Right Location

You can put your camera in case too. But make sure it is easy to remove. You should put in that case that are not being touch by anyone except you.

Camera Case

You can even put it in car interior. But you should have a proper plan before hiding a camera and make sure no one able to touch it.

Put in Car Interior

The last step is to run the camera. You should run your camera after hiding it on chosen place. Record a dummy video and check is it work properly.

Run The Camera

We hope now you able to hide a camera in your car. We stated every steps briefly.

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