How to Fix iPhone Camera With Simple Steps

Author: Sehaj Singh

Sometimes iPhone cameras not working properly which causes a small panic attack in iPhone users.

iPhone Camera Fix

But don't worry there are only hardware and software problems possibility behind it that you can solve by mentioned simple steps.

Sometimes the camera is not properly loaded which you can fix by flipping the camera between the front and rear camera.


Flip Camera

You can even try out restarting the camera app method. Just clear the app from the background and tap again at the home screen camera app icon.


Restarting Camera

Voice over might be the cause behind the issue. You can use the camera app again after turning off this accessibility feature in settings.


Shut off Voice Over

You know we barely restart our iPhones these days due to workload. This can also be the reason behind the not working iPhone camera.


Restart your iPhone

Apple fixing many bugs and issues in a software updates. You can check whether there is a software update available or not. If available then update it,


Update iOS


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