What is Ghosting in Photography?

What is Ghosting in Photography

Photo ghosting is a sort of flare that develops when light bounces off the lens’ surface repeatedly, giving photos a hazy, low-contrast appearance. A bright light source can generate a ghosting flare, which appears as a distinct artefact opposite to it with many orbs of various sizes, colours, and forms that can cover the whole … Read more

When To Use Flash In Photography?

When To Use Flash In Photography

Having a flash is a crucial camera accessory that often saves the day. Even yet, a lot of photographers, especially newbies, are unsure about how and when to use flash in photography. If you want to be a professional photographer, you must understand how to use artificial light in situations that are softly lit. It … Read more

Best Camera For Clothing Photography 2022 | Reviews and Comparison

Best Camera For Clothing Photography

As a fashion photographer, you need the best camera equipment to capture the perfect clothing shots. In this article, we will discuss the best camera for clothing photography and some tips on how to use it. There are many different types of cameras available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for … Read more

How to Save Files To Iphone’s Camera Roll | Ultimate Guide 2022

How to save media files to Iphone's Camera Roll

iPhone is widely known for its extraordinary Camera quality. Many smartphones prefer iPhones over other Brands due to camera quality and high security. Iphone’s captured photos and video are automatically saved to its camera roll in the photos app. Although, The files are saved in a different location when you sync them with a computer … Read more

Best Memory Card For Nikon D850 and D810 2022 | Reviews & Comparison

best memory card for Nikon D850

A memory card is a device that stores digital information, such as photos and videos. When using a digital camera, such as the Nikon D810, a memory card is required to store photos and videos. There are many different types of memory cards available on the market, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. But … Read more

Best Canon Camera For Landscape Photography in 2022 | Reviews & Comparison

canon camera scaled

Canon has a long history of making excellent cameras, and that tradition continues with its modern offerings. When it comes to landscape photography, Canon’s lineup has a camera for just about every budget and need. If you’re looking to get into landscape photography, or are simply wanting to upgrade your current camera setup, you might … Read more