Aryabhatta Knowledge University Overview Camdigest

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We are happy you are here and really hope this article quenches your need for knowledge. To arm you with in-depth knowledge about Aryabhatta Knowledge University, our staff has done extensive research and accumulated reliable information. Get ready to explore the university’s academic programs, notable achievements, and more. Prepare yourself for an intriguing exploration journey … Read more


What is HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is an excellent method for capturing the high dynamic range of a scene over numerous images and combining them all into one. With HDR photography, you take a sequence of shots that may later be merged to capture detail in the shadows and highlights that a single exposure cannot produce. … Read more

What is Ghosting in Photography?

What is Ghosting in Photography

Photo ghosting is a sort of flare that develops when light bounces off the lens’ surface repeatedly, giving photos a hazy, low-contrast appearance. A bright light source can generate a ghosting flare, which appears as a distinct artefact opposite to it with many orbs of various sizes, colours, and forms that can cover the whole … Read more

What Is Lens Diffraction In Photography & How Can You Prevent It?

What Is Lens Diffraction In Photography

At modest aperture values, such as f/16, f/22, and so on, a shot becomes increasingly less sharp, which is what photographers mean when they talk about lens diffraction. The smallest detail in your images will start to blur when you stop down your lens to such small apertures. No matter how many megapixels your camera … Read more

Best Lens for Sony A7R II: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

best lens for Sony A7R ii

Are you looking for Best Lens for Sony A7R II in 2023? Without a lens, a camera is worthless, and the 42.4-megapixel Sony a7R II has to be paired with excellent lenses to maximize the potential of its high-resolution back-illuminated sensor. Camera lenses are a part of what makes the world around us more exciting … Read more

How Has Photography Changed the World?

How Has Photography Changed the World

Whatever you previously believed may not have been true. It is crucial for society to understand how has photography changed the world and how we recall social history. The best instrument for capturing our environment realistically is photography. The act of gathering evidence has changed the way we recall events from the past due to … Read more