How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam In 2022 | Ultimate Guide

Some Digital camera users want to use their camera as a webcam. So they google it whether it is possible or not. So the answer is Yes! You can use your Digital camera as a webcam. We are here to help you out in this matter with our powerful guide on How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam. So stick to it.

Webcams are now rarely seen because of the invention of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These accessories are now high in demand. People prefer these devices over webcams because they provide even more than just a Camera. Many Webcam Manufacturers decide to stop production due to low demand.

Nowadays, every laptop comes with a webcam feature yet they are useless. Laptop brands add low-quality cheap lenses as they did not consider Webcam as the main feature of laptops. Although, You don’t need to worry about it because even DSLR cameras have a Webcam Feature.

You have to do a lot of things to make the webcam work as it is not simple as transferring photos from camera to computer. But it is worth of your time if you want to enjoy Filmy background blur, high resolutions, and excellent low light performance during your Video calls.

You have to spend some dollars on essential accessories for the camera. It will cost you around $100 to $180. You can get a standard Webcam on eBay sale at this price. But there is a major difference you will see in quality.

The individual webcam gives you less quality as compared to the Webcam that you will set on your camera. So it’s up to you whether you want a cheap quality Webcam or want that your camera works out as Webcam.

Things to Consider before buying a Webcam

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam
How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam, Image: Unsplash

First of all, You have to know that It’s not possible to use every Digital camera as Webcam. So you need to check whether it qualifies or not before buying any camera. You can check out point-and-shoot cameras, they can be used as webcams with first-party software and drivers installed on them.

You simply google your camera model, brand, and specification to determine if you can use it as a webcam or not. Make sure you read answers by users on photography forums. User answers will give you a bit of knowledge of camera webcams. Some old cameras also support the Webcam feature. but the quality will not satisfy you that much.

The Camera of Popular brands like Nikon and canon can be used as Webcams with the help of third-party software. However, most third-party software comes with a paid subscription. There is freemium software too but they are worthless.

Camdigest is not recommended you use free third-party software due to privacy issues too. You know there is no free thing in this world. everyone wants something in return for sure. So stay away from free third-party software.

If you are planning to buy any camera in the future then always go for a mirrorless camera. They will offer you the clean output of HDMI. Mirrorless cameras will last longer than other cameras so it means they are future-proof too. Moreover, Those cameras come with a Webcam feature.

Accessories that you need to use Camera as a Webcam

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam
Image: Unsplash

You require some accessories to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam. A power source is the first accessory you need to buy because the camera doesn’t have power over USB feature. Most people prefer to use a dummy battery for their mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.

You need a USB Cable or HDMI Cable to implement every method in our list. Most cameras come with a USB cable too. So we are going to share the different methods to use a camera as webcam.

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam? Use the Camera’s Software

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam
Image: Unsplash

The first method is to use the camera’s software. Many latest cameras now come with Webcam capability. But make sure you check out whether the camera has webcam functionality or not.

After that manually bundled every software, your camera came with. Your camera has already installed drivers and software if has a webcam feature. You can update/download the current software version for your specific model from the camera manufacturer’s website.

Now you connect your camera to your computer via USB or HDMI cable. After that, your computer will recognize the camera as a webcam. If you still facing any issues then you should choose your camera as an input device on the platform you wanna use with a webcam for example Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord Etc.

If your camera is still not usable as Webcam then this method might be not for you. Don’t worry we have more methods to help you out with this issue.

How to Use Digital Camera as Webcam? Use a Third-Party App

Another effective method you can try is third-party software. There is plenty of third-party software that will allow you to use a digital camera as a webcam. If you have a canon camera then you should try out the Sparkocam app. This app is only available to Windows operation systems and compatible with a wide variety of canon cameras. Even this app supports some of the Nikon cameras.

For canon camera owners, Sparkocam is one of the great apps that will allow you to use digital cameras as webcams in simple steps. Although, It’s not for Nikon cameras and Mac users. Sparkocam is a little bit expensive too but get your work done.

The app comes with different versions for Nikon and canon cameras. One of its version support filter, background blur, and other features. Sparkocam other version supports both canon and Nikon brand cameras. Sparkocam will charge you $50 for single-camera use. It will become $20 extra if you want the app for both canon and Nikon.

Sparkocam is a good option for canon or Nikon camera owners who also have a PC. But we do not recommend our audience to use this app due to bloatware. The interface of the app is not that good. You only consider this method if you have a problem HDMI method.

How can I Use Digital Camera as Webcam on Pc? Method 3

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam
Image: Unsplash

HDMI is one of the effective methods for you if you want a professional webcam setup. The quality that it will provide you is amazing. Although, some accessories are needed and steps you need to do for it.

First of all, you need a capture device such as an external USB, cards, or recorders. This will help your pc in receiving signals from your camera. The big plus point of using a capture device is that there are no camera settings visible on the screen means there is no overlay.

You are good to go if you have an HDMI cable. Make sure you first test your HDMI by connecting it to your monitor and Tv screen. If you got clean output then it means it working for you and enjoy it.

Which Capture Device to Use?

You must check out Elgato Cam Link 4k capture device, it’s amazing and will get your job done perfectly. You google it with your camera’s model name to know if is it working for other users or not.

This capturing device allows you to shoot video with 60FPS at 1080p resolution as well as 4k resolution. The Elgato Cam Link 4k capture device price is comparatively very low. You can check out more information below the video.

What about the Microphone?

How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam
Image: Unsplash

Every Digital camera now comes with microphone support but they are not that good. Sound quality is worse and captures unessential noises resulting in worse audio quality in video calls. They are just basic microphones without noise cancellation features.

If you want to use a webcam for professional work then consider an essential microphone for it. An external microphone will not cost you that much. Don’t go after expensive and fancy microphones, a simple microphone with ANC feature gets your job done.

Use a Tripod For Stability

Tripod for camera
Image: Unsplash

No one loves camera shake between video calls, so that’s why stability is necessary. You can consider a tripod or stand for stability. Make sure you identify the HDMI port and AC output position before buying the tripod.

You can use a pile of books and Boxes too instead of a tripod. But it will be a little headache for you. On the other hand, Tripod will give you satisfying results and room for many wires attached to the underside of the camera.


We know it’s a bit difficult to use in built-in webcam for office online meetings, conference calls, and casual chats. Because they are of very low quality. So why not you rid of the webcam problem by setting down your camera into Webcam?

The plus point of using the camera as a webcam is that it will provide you with high-resolution quality as well as other camera features. So the choice is whether you want to continue your work with an inbuilt low-quality webcam or use a camera as a Webcam for high quality.

That’s all from our side. We hope now you know How To Use Digital Camera As Webcam. If you still have any doubt that comment is open for you. Put your comment and we will try to reply to it ASAP. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for more interesting articles. Thanks!

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