How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer | Ultimate Guide 2022

Many people prefer saving their camera photos on a computer. So they transfer their pictures to a computer via various methods such as transferring photos via USB or Wi-Fi. It’s kinda a very easiest job. But some beginner photographers find it difficult to transfer their photos to a computer.

If you are also one of them, Then this article is for you. In this article, You will learn How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer using various methods. So let’s get started.

How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer

How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer
How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer

There are many methods to transfer photos from camera to computer. But We only cover the easiest ones that will take only some minutes.

Method 1: Directly Connect the Camera to the Computer

You might familiar with the first method. Nowadays, Every Camera comes with USB ports, and transferring pictures and videos via the USB method is quite easy. All you need to Plug-in the USB cable into your Computer’s USB Port and Flat-end Cable to your camera. That’s all.

Discover the DCIM Folder of the Camera on your Computer

After connecting your camera to the computer, Discover the DCIM folder in it. DCIM is a folder where you got your camera pictures. Simply open DCIM and browse the required images you want to transfer to your computer. After that Copy and paste those images into the desired location. This is one of the easiest ways to transfer camera photos to your computer.

Method 2: Use the Camera’s Memory Card to Transfer Photo

How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer
Memory Card Image: Unsplash

Another method that will help you out in transferring photos is using a memory card. Nowadays, every Digital cameras have a memory card that saves your pictures. You just need to insert the memory card into the card reader slot of your computer. You will have access to your images after the computer is successfully connected to the memory card.

Newer digital cameras support every kind of memory card so you don’t worry about the version of your card. If somehow your computer is not supporting your card then you should try an external card reader.

This method is comparatively quick in transferring photos to the computer than the USB method. This method saves your time effort and most importantly your device’s battery life. Transferring process from a Memory card to your computer is almost similar to method 1.

Method 3: Transfer Photos from Camera to Computer Wirelessly

How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer
Transfer photos via Wi-fi Image: Unsplash

If In any case, you don’t have a USB and memory card and still want to transfer your images to a computer then you should try out using Wi-Fi. Every Camera now comes with a Wi-fi capability that will allow you to connect with computers, laptops, and Smartphones that have wifi too.

Perform a quick search of your camera model, brand, and features on google to find out about Wifi capability. Your Camera user manual will guide you on how to use Wifi feature if it’s available in it. Some of the cameras require a third party to connect your camera via Wifi to your computer. While other cameras directly transfer your photos to the computer.

Method 4: Import Pictures from Camera using a Photo App

How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer

Another one of the easiest methods is to use any photo app like Picasa to import pictures from the camera to your computer. Firstly download the software from google. It’s quite a fast method to import pictures and organize them, which will save you plenty of time.

How to Import Photos from Camera to Computer using Picasa

Step 1: First of all, Connect the camera via USB Cable to your computer or Insert the Memory card into the memory card slot.

Step 2: After that, you will open your Picasa app where you will see an import button on the main toolbar. Tap on Import Button to Open Import Tab.

A dropdown box appeared in Import Tab, showing you all options to import images. Just select the mounted drive or your camera option from the dropdown box.

Step 3: You can leave blank if you want to import all photos from the camera OR Select every photo you want to import to your computer.

Step 4: Now last step is to choose the location wherever you want to save all imported images from the camera. The photo app will create automatically a subfolder for your imported images with the proper date depending on which you took the photos. It becomes easy for you to locate the images. You can even create your subfolder if you want.

Now transfer the images to the selected location by clicking either the Import All or Import Selected button. Picasa app has advanced features that will help you in organizing your images well.


It’s very easy to transfer photos from camera to computer. All you need is the right equipment like a USB or Memory card for it. But some find it difficult to transfer photos and searching methods for them. That’s why we made the ultimate guide on importing photos from the camera.

That’s all from our side. We hope now you know How To Transfer Photos From Camera To Computer using various methods. If you find the post helpful then share it with someone who is having a problem importing images from the camera. Don’t forget to Bookmark our website for more interesting articles regarding cameras and photography. Thanks!

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