How to Save Files To Iphone’s Camera Roll | Ultimate Guide 2022

iPhone is widely known for its extraordinary Camera quality. Many smartphones prefer iPhones over other Brands due to camera quality and high security. Iphone’s captured photos and video are automatically saved to its camera roll in the photos app.

Although, The files are saved in a different location when you sync them with a computer using iTunes. If you want synced photos and videos to be saved in your iPhone’s camera roll then you are at the right place. Here, You’ll know How to Save Files To Iphone’s Camera Roll to minimize your workload for later.

How to Save Files To Iphone’s Camera Roll

How to save media files to Iphone's Camera Roll
How to save files to iPhone’s Camera roll, Image: Unsplash

Transfer Media from Computer to Camera Roll

Applications such as Documents can help you out in importing files from the computer to its local storage. All you need to pair both devices to import files and folders to local storage.

Launch the iTunes app and wait so it can detect your device. After that hit the Iphone button and pair them. Now click the file sharing app and then select Documents. Drag and drop media files that you want to import from your system to the right pane featuring a list of stored files.

After successfully sending the media files to the local storage, You can save the same videos and pictures to your camera roll. Just Check out the exact location where you saved a particular file in Document App.

Click the Edit Button and select the file you want to save. Tap on Copy icon so the list of available folders is visible. Again, Tap the copy button in the photos folder to save it to iPhone’s camera roll. That’s it.

Transfer Photos and Videos Using WiFi Drive

How to Save Files To Iphone's Camera Roll

If you are looking for an alternative method to Itunes then you should Wifi Drive of the Documents app. You can easily import media files using this method to local storage of the app from your computer. Connect Both Devices to the same wifi network as we pair in the Itunes method.

Firstly check whether the app provides Wifi sharing or not. Once paired, Now you can run the Document app on your iPhone and tap on the menu icon. After that Acess Wifi Drive in the setting and turn on the enable drive option.

Now, Open the browser and access the displayed IP Address on the screen. Click OK on the prompt appearing. After that, your videos and images will be transferred to the browser. Click Choose File Button and select whichever file you want to transfer to local storage.

The last step is to Tap on Upload Button File Button to transfer them into local storage. To Export the media files, Launch the app on your iPhone and Locate where you saved the transferred photos and videos.

Click on the edit button and then select every video and photo you would like to save in your iPhone’s camera roll. Now Tap on copy icon and open the Photos folder. Simply tap copy button to copy selected media files. That’s all.

Save Mac Photos or Videos to Camera Roll

If you are a Mac user and want to save your Car pictures or other personal stuff to Iphone? Save them in Iphone’s camera roll. Apple Airdrop feature helps you to directly send your photos and videos to Iphone’s camera roll.

Make sure you first check out the version of your Mac & iPhone. You must have OS X Yosemite or a later version on Mac and iPhone with iOS 8 or an enhanced edition. After checking out the versions, Turn on the Airdrop option on your iPhone and Bluetooth & Wifi option on your Mac.

Tap airdrop in the finder sidebar on your mac. In Airdrop Discovery, select ‘Everyone’. Now Choose the file you want to transfer in the new finder window on the mac. Drag the selected file in Iphone and Allow the file transfer. Simple as that.

Free Up iPhone Storage Space

How to Save Files To Iphone's Camera Roll

It’s quite annoying to clear up some storage in Iphone to make some space for the new images and videos. It consumes much time to clear up the storage. But you have to clear out some storage orders to add newer images and media files.

But don’t worry we are not saying you to clean your important stuff like images and videos. Instead of it, You can Clear app caches and delete unnecessary applications. If you do not even want that then you should transfer your files to cloud storage. It’s one effective way to free up some storage.

Apart from it, You can even clear out data that you do not usually run or clear out old Notes, Voice Memos, Message Attachments, and offline content from streaming apps like Netflix, and Amazon Prime that you downloaded for a binge watch.

Organize Files for Better Data Management

You know we mostly perform our tasks on the desktop or home screen of smartphones. You can start organizing your files, folders, and documents from now, It’s an important tip we are giving you. This can take your time that you can utilize in other works. Just arranged them properly based on date, size, and type.

Proper Organizing will help you to quickly locate the file. It’s easy for you to locate and copy, move and delete the file with proper naming. You should try smart folder or merging down every similiar folder.


We share the easiest way to save files to iPhone’s camera roll. If you still have any doubt then simply drop the comment. We will try to solve your query ASAP. That’s all from our side, We hope now you know How to Save Files To Iphone’s Camera Roll.

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