Do You Know That Your Smartphone Has Hidden Features? Here’s How To Find Them

There are many users who use Android and Iphone Smartphones for photography. But they don’t know some of the hidden features that will enhance their photography. Built-in camera app technology makes it easy to click photos. Most of the users are unaware of its hidden functioning of it.

There are some of the tools that will help you to get perfection in photography. Some help you set up the shot or give you an upper hand on exposure. Few just are simple and cool. Although, These features are not easy to find out, we’re here to help you out in finding hidden features of smartphones.

iOS 16 vs. Android 13

Android 13 and iOS 16 are two powerful Smartphone Operating Systems. We are going to test Iphone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6 Pro. Both are quite good for photography. The built-in Camera app is more than enough for taking excellent pictures. You can even check out third-party apps on Play Store or App Store.

Many of the feature overlap between Android and IOS Operating Systems. Some features are not available to specific smartphones or might be used in another way. If you found any feature that doesn’t support or match your smartphone then simply google it to find if is it even available for yours.

Quick Launching Camera

Most people just unlock their phones then find the camera app and then tap to start it. By that time, the Thing you want to capture might be gone. There is a superfast way to launch the camera.

For Google Pixel users, Just double-press the power button to Use the camera. It will save you valuable time. On the other hand, Iphone Users can swipe right-to-left to get into the camera app without even unlocking their Iphone at all.

After the Phone is unlocked, You can even get the shooting modes menu on both phones by holding the camera app. This will boost your productivity, just choose in which mode you want to shoot your video for example Selfie Mode, HDR Mode, etc.

Do You Know That Your Smartphone Has Hidden Features
Image: Jeff Carlson

You can even try out the Double-tap ability to the back of the phone to launch the camera. You can choose it from the Settings of both android and IOS devices.

Trigger Shutter With Volume Buttons

Most users are using a physical shutter button and which causes them some shake while shooting. Apart from it, They can use volume buttons to Trigger Shutter. It’s kinda similar to a virtual shutter button. Both phones can trigger the shutter with volume buttons.

The Iphone users can set up the Volume button to capture multiple shots in burst mode.  go to Settings > Camera > Use Volume Up for Burst.

2 1
Image: Jeff Carlson

Correcting Exposure & Focus

Camera apps automatically adjust exposure and focus according to the scene. But for perfection, you have to manually edit it. You have some extra controls for correction of exposure and focus.

On the iPhone

You know to take the perfect shot, Trusting on app’s automatic Reseting feature is not a wise option. You can just tap anywhere in the preview to set the focus and exposure level according to your needs. Touch and Spot To lock focus and exposure is a better way to do so. You can even move your phone after that to adjust composition.

3 1
Image: Jeff Carlson

After locking focus and exposure, You can drag your finger towards the sun icon that is situated on the right of the target box to manually increase and decrease the exposure. You can reset exposure and focus to automatic with a single tap anywhere.

On the Pixel

It’s similar to iPhone, just tap on it anywhere to set focus and exposure. The spot becomes a target and stays locked even as you can move your phone for composition. By tapping, You will see sliders from which you can adjust white balance, exposure, and contrast. If you want to unlock the target then tap anywhere once.

5 si19 pixel exposure sliders 1
Image: Jeff Carlson

Zooming To Get Better Results

Modern Phones are now coming with multiple cameras. When We Zoom in and out of the camera, we are switching cameras of the smartphones. For example, We are zooming from 1x to 3x.

1x Level camera is the main camera of a smartphone that will provide you with more clear images than any other camera. 3x level camera is a telephoto camera which we used to objects far from us.

4 1
Image: Jeff Carlson

Two finger pinch is one of the easiest ways to zoom in or out. This will give you more comfort while shooting far objects. You can use the right and left zoom selection buttons in Iphones to adjust the zoom level. For Android, the slider grants you to take the shot without moving your device.

This is the best way to adjust the zooming levels. But you can avoid it if possible because devices are calculated level digitally. Digital technology is now gradually improved over the years but an Optical zoom is still a great option.

Quick Camera Mode Switching

There are many modes available on modern smartphones such as Photo, Video, and Portrait. Tapping and dragging modes into the picture is a bit headache. You can simply swipe left to right in the middle of the screen to switch modes. The Switching method is effective and time-saving.

5 1
Image: Jeff Carlson


That’s all! from our side. Many people wasting times their valuable time and are not aware of time-saving hidden features in smartphones. We hope that you will know about some of the hidden features of this article. This will help you to take photos with perfection.

If You find the article useful then you can share it with your friends and Family. Bookmark for more articles. Have a Nice day!

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